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Saturday, April 7, 2012

A conversation with Meg

Scorpio- Saturday, April 7, 2012 
An old repetitive and never-ending problem is going to get resolved once and for all. It may not seem like it considering the way things have been going lately, yet improvement is happening in areas of your life where it really counts. The only way to go is forward. Success is waiting for you.    

Huh.  Nice way to start my day, reading that there horoscope before even rising out of my bed at 7am.  Immediately I thought, yes, I must blog about this.

I think we all have at least one area in our life that we truly want to change for the better.  One specific habit, an old repetitive and never-ending problem, that we so desire to resolve once and for all, but we are just too frightened to make that huge paradigm shift.  I know I do.

It's funny, because just yesterday, whilst walking home from Whole Foods, I decided to have a conversation with myself about just that problem of mine.  I had recently read an article about why it is so damn hard for us to make positive changes in the most important areas of our lives when we know exactly what it is we need to do, to do it.  The writing stated that quite often it is simply an issue of our "child-like" selves resisting the ideas for change brought on by our "adult" selves, and thus sabotaging all of our efforts.  The article went on to say that the first step in making massive transformation in our lives is to simply have a conversation with our kid-self.  This internal chat should focus on distilling the FEAR that our child self feels about the change.  We also must insist that our grownup self will take care and ensure protection and safety into the soon to be new way of thinking and doing...

So yes, I talked to myself.  Half out loud I might add.  I must have looked mildly of a crazy person walking through Rosedale muttering words of encouragement under my breath to my mini-me.  But I did feel better after the "talk".  I felt lighter.  Calmer.  Total placebo effect?  Maybe.  But isn't that exactly what it is? Shifting perception equals a shifted reality after all.

Now upon receiving my astrological prediction for today, it only adds fuel to my fires of motivation.  Yes, most areas of my life are a rockin' - really and truly great.  And if I can revamp this one zone in my world, and END my never-ending problem, I can only imagine what amazing things will result...

So today I suggest to you, please sit down, take a breath, and say hello to your kid-self and give him or her a hug.  Have a conversation and see what transpires.  You just might be surprised.


  1. I was talking about just this kind of thing yesterday! I'll let you know when I do the blog post about it :)

    1. Funny! Can't wait to hear your experience - and I am loving your blog!!


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