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Sunday, April 1, 2012

April checkpoint

Okay, where did March go?  Seriously. Crazy busy fun times.  Breathe.

Well, this past week week marked exactly 10 months since my father's passing.  Not a usual milestone of note, but I took it as a marker to reflect on all that I have accomplished in those ten months, and with that, I do declare that I think dad would be proud.  I am really making things happen.  :)

So what goes on?  Well I am thick in the trenches of my CNE course, cooking up a storm, madly finishing assignment after assignment, amassing large quantities of super-food stock, and realizing less and less counter space due to my new array of kitchen appliances.  Not only have I been active with my new juicer, blender, steamer, food processor and mandolin, but now dear friends, I get to add a super high-tech professional level Blendtec blender to my arsenal!  Yes indeedy, I can officially bid adieu to my "Vitamix savings account" (they run you over $500), and put that money elsewhere.  Just last night, as part of Earth Hour, I hit up Doug McNish's book launch party for his new recipe compilation "Eat Raw, Eat Well".  Not only was this event filled with great food, great fun, and great networking, but it was also where my lucky name was drawn and I won over $800 worth of Blendtec swag!  And I never win anything!!  So amazing, so shocking, so blessed.  I also got the opportunity to meet Lisa Borden while there (she's an inspiration), and it was in her opinion that I won this great prize because the universe was recognizing my choice to do something better with my life.  There are just too many serendipitous events unfolding for me to ever question my decision to do what I am doing.  It was another motivating evening, and I left more assured than ever that this is the arena I want to play in.  

I am so grateful to have had the chance to connect with Doug and his crew, and will be eternally thankful for this opportunity to advance my culinary chops he's given me via this great gift!  

 This was my homework this weekend; just perfecting my quinoa breakfast bowl recipe for a meal plan development project!

So, where will I stash that money I was saving for a heavy duty mixer?  Perhaps I will put it towards a few fancy dinners when I hit NYC in April!  Yes, that is another plan I have in the works; a romantic trip to the city that never sleeps...ironically almost EXACTLY 2 years to the day from when I got engaged there in 2010.  This time around I am flying solo, and just like my gal Carrie Bradshaw, I intend to be courted and wooed by Manhattan over the course of my 3 day "date" with the city.  Fortunately I am blessed that my father's cousin's daughter (my second, third, fourth cousin?) is living in Washington Heights and  has kindly offered to accommodate me that weekend.   Grace is her name and I have not seen her since the summer I was in grade 10.  I really look forward to catching up, and getting her opinion on my very own "Grace" tattoo!  So that weekend promises to be filled with great food (Candle 79 here I come!), great fun, sweet recollection, and superb solo chill time.  Can't wait!

 Yup, that's me on Carrie's stoop.

Now that I have a Spring getaway in the works...why not start thinking about a Winter one, right?  And what better place to travel than Costa Rica to escape the snow?  Again, strangely, the last time I visited this country just so happened to be 2 years ago, the March prior to my NYC trip of "love".  So it's quite funny to me that I am now also booked to head back there as well!  Yuppers!  I am hitting up CR once again, this time along the west coast of the Guanacaste Peninsula near Nosara and San Juanillo.  I will be heading down there alongside 21 other sunshine seekers with a passion for holistic nutrition, yoga practice, and a desire to heal what ails them.  I'm part of the group signed up with one of Meghan Telpner's super retreat packages (yes, the same Meghan I am doing my nutrition course with!) and I am stoked to have the chance to scoop up one of the coveted spots.  This holiday runs during the last week of February, so I am hoping I can work it out so that I can have my week in the jungle, and then fly straight into Florida to spend my special March time with mom right after.  Wouldn't THAT be a divine way to ring in 2013? 

 Costa Rica, Pura Vida!

Well then, so this is where things stand: NYC in April...Costa Rica in February...Panama in November?

Let's hope!  Okay, so this week I should hear from BootyCamp Fitness in regards to my audition I did a few weeks back to be a part of their next home DVD video shoot.  It is taking place in Panama this coming November, and yes I am excited, yes I am praying, but man am I nervous about the results!  This would so be such a dream come true, and I am trying not to hold my breath in anticipation.  I am telling myself that I will not be disappointed if I am not chosen as I have so many other great things going on in my life right now, but jeez.  Come on!  Panama!  Workouts!  Sunshine! All in my birthday month!  It is so meant to be.  

Oh, and one other wee update;  this past week I received my first round of recipes to whip up as part of my new gig as recipe tester for "Chatelaine" magazine!  Super fun.  I signed up ages ago and now get to play the part of guinea pig with their meal ideas for upcoming issues.  No pay, but a fun excuse to try out new food ideas, and the chance to get my reviews published.  Not to mention, I think it'll be a cute addition to my culinary resume.  Hooray!

Anyway, that's it for now, dinner is in the oven and I best go give it attention.  I will try to write again soon, and my apologies for the erratic postings these days!  In the meantime, please cross all your parts for me, and pray for PANAMA!

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