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Sunday, February 5, 2012

February Fabs!

Wow, I can't believe it is February 5th already!  Where the heck did January go?  I suppose I can sum it up with the age old adage of time does fly when you are having fun!

Yup, I feel like I have been going at mach 10 for the last few weeks, running around 24-7, just trying to live and love life to the max.  I have been keeping busy with my show, busting my butt with my Booty Camp sessions, squeezing in runs, yoga and reading at every free moment, and have also taken on a few little side projects with some pals in need of some support and love. 

So what else did January bring? Well for starters, a nasty cold!  I have been pretty much sidelined with a bad virus for the most of this past week, and today is probably one of the worst I've had with it so far.  I can't help but wonder if this little bug of mine is just my body's way of telling me to take things down a notch, even if just for a moment.  I bet that my dear old immune system is likely going through some major shifts right now, as my vegan diet is still somewhat new, and my thirty day detox from booze (and coffee!) is still going strong.  I will also admit that I have not been banking optimal hours in the sack in recent days either, and we all know that sleep is key in keeping things running tickity-boo as far as health and wellness goes!  It's just that my mind has been spinning and whirling with such amazing thoughts and ideas, and when I finally lay down at night, I just can't seem to shut myself off!  This month I plan to give myself ample unwind time in the evening, and will also take a moment to write down my thoughts and inspirations before hopping under the covers. 

So. January.  What else?  Well, I completed the first four weeks of Booty Camp, and this week I start into my final eight sessions.  However, instead of doing the standard two classes per week, I will be doing three for the next two weeks!  I need to make up for a few camps that I will be missing due to my upcoming Florida vacation, so I will be getting booty-blasted on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights!  Can anyone say ouch?!  The benefits far outweigh the pain however, and not only have I muscled up an inch on both my biceps and quads and am feeling totally energized, but now there is an additional motivation to get my adrenaline pumping; Sammie Kennedy and the good folks at Booty Camp Fitness are offering recruits like me a chance to tag along on their next workout DVD shoot, and this year it's happening in November in gorgeous Panama.  It just so happens that I will be due for some time off from work by that point, plus my 32nd birthday falls in that same month.  So what better way to celebrate?  I have registered for my audition at the end of March, and I am bound and determined to be my strongest, healthiest, and most confident self when it's time to step it up in front of those judges!

I have also added another neat-o thing to my list of "to-lives" for 2012: I am going to ride in the Toronto 50km "Becel Ride for Heart" with my company's corporate team.  And get this; it sounds like I am going to be "the face" promoting Shaw Media and The Morning Show's push for donations.  I hear that there may be a few personalized TV promos running, so watch for the PSA's on GlobalTV starring yours truly!  The plan is to get me some proper training as I have never done any real endurance riding before, and if all goes well I am hoping to knock my ride up to the 75km route before game day.  Stay tuned for lots more details on this one folks!

Yes, January has been fruitful, and I can definitely say I managed to gain a lot of perspective and personal power, and partook in plenty of pleasure.  I also had a few small successes that are just as important, like being able to round up a food dehydrator (thanks mom!) and a veggie and rice steamer (both must-haves for my upcoming Culinary Nutrition Course), and I have buzzed through a few books on my reading list.  I am back doing Bikram Yoga, a practice that I have missed sorely since I stopped going last Spring, and will plan to complete a 30 Day challenge there sometime this year as well!  This month also brought me a few great introductions to some very talented people, all of whom I hope to further develop meaningful relationships with as time goes by.  

A couple of other notes:

Happy news!  A dear friend is expecting a baby!  I found out in January that I'm soon to be Tita Meg!  

And some sad news.  My mother recently put down our dear old dog Jake, as he was just too old and frail to keep around any longer.  Jake was my Dad's buddy for close to 14 years, and after a full life keeping watch over our family, it was finally his time to go too.  Now Man and Man's Best Friend have been reunited in the afterlife, and I am sure that they have already spent many hours hiking outdoorsy trails in the forests of heaven.  Now that's a happy thought. (I love you dad!)

Yes, overall I think it's fair to say that January pretty much rocked, and even though it seemed to whiz by at warp speed, I am super stoked to carry on from where the January Jazz left off, and fluidly flow into the February Fabs with all the passion and pizazz Pearson-ly possible.  

Here we go!


  1. What excitement, Megsie! Congrats on the decision to bike. I ADORE that picture of Daddy & Jake Man.

  2. Reading about your life makes me very tired - and I didn't think I could get any tired-er!! Mwah!


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