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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Listening to my stars, and my gut.

Booth Stars: Scorpio- Saturday, January 7, 2012
Say goodbye to a nightmare and hello to a new era of happiness. An irreversible event has taken place. It’s partly of your doing, although it did come from a deep unconscious source. The abruptness of it has forced you to make friends with your intuition. Trust it. It will guide you to great heights. 

Oh, okay. I can do that.  Once again, I awoke today to another inspired horoscope by astrologer Phil Booth.  Since seeing him for a personalized reading last fall, I have been taking his predictions a little more seriously, and have to say that they have been pretty accurate and motivating.  

I try not to be one of those willy-nilly people when it comes to astrological forecasts.  You know, the ones who only believe what is written when it is positive, and deny and make small any suggestions of negative outcomes for the day.  But, I do try and not to let those bad ones get me down. If I do happen to come across a dodgy prediction, than I simply do what is within my power to ensure that my day unfolds in a better way, and heed any hints of doom as signs that I need to switch things up.   

So, today I WILL fully bid farewell to the nightmares of my past, and usher in a new era of happiness, indeed.  I know I have more than just a little to do with getting to this point, so thanks for the extra support Phil (and the stars for the matter!).  Time to rise to brilliant heights indeed!

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