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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

DO-ing it!

I have had a GREAT start to 2012!

Yesterday marked the official kick-off off to a couple of my “TO LIVES” for 2012.  I suppose you would call them “ confirmations of soon-to-be kick-offs", but either way, I am moving forward with some great things.

After work on Tuesday, I hopped on the 501 in the bitter cold sunlight, and made the trip back to my old stomping grounds in Parkdale to finally meet Meghan Telpner.  She is a real inspiration in the kitchen, and is also my soon-to-be instructor when I certify as a “Culinary Nutrition Expert”  at her cooking academy!  Yes, yesterday I handed over my tuition, chatted up my new mentor, and briefly explored the amazing loft where I will be spending  two evenings a week as a student of all things culinary.  Over the course of three months, myself and a small group of other passionate healthy foodie types will explore how to plan, prep, and create menus that focus on highest quality ingredients, the best in nutrition and balance, all with a holistic approach to diet and eating.  Together, we will  create an abundance of deliciousness, and it is in my hope that we will also develop some strong bonds and friendships while we’re at it.  See you in March Meg Telpner!
 My homemade rockin' Raw Lasagna
Another regular veggie-licious meal of mine: grilled veg & tofu with homemade nut sauce

Also on Tuesday, I received word that I am fully booked in to start an 8 week boot-camp style fitness regime with the well known Toronto based company “Booty Camp Fitness".  Recently I re-engaged with founder and CEO, Sammie Kennedy when she was a guest on my TV show, and my interest in pursuing my fitness instructor certification was piqued once again.  Sammie is an amazing woman, with super energy and great drive.  I really admire what she has built for both herself, and all the women out there that are able to take part in her camps.  Over the holidays, I took advantage of many of her at-home DVD workouts (alongside my niece and nephews who decided it was fun to workout with me; it's just like dancing!).  The videos really took the edge off of any guilt surrounding all that Christmas-time indulgence, and the workouts made me feel GREAT!  Back in 2009 I did do a certification course with the CanFitPro organization to become a fitness instructor myself, but that was around the same time all the icky stuff began unfolding in my life, and the steps in the process sort of fell by the wayside.  I didn't get around to properly preparing for my written exam, nor did I even schedule my practical one.  So, the plan now is to study my butt off for the next two months, write my CanFitPro exam in February, finish my 8 week "Booty Camp", conduct my practical test so I can be certified once and for all, and then hopefully become a superstar "Licensed Booty Camp Instructor" as well!

That's a whole lot of goodness right there.  The next few months are going to be busy ones, as I live my list, and still continue to work away on all the other little things that fill my life daily; friends, family, books, yoga, knitting, breathing, and more.  I will also have to sort out how to squeeze it all in around my wonky hours I work on my TV show (which I must mention was super great to come back to after the holiday break.  I LOVE my job!).  But, being able to call myself "Meghan Pearson, certified Culinary Nutrition Expert, CanFitPro Group Fitness Instructor AND Booty Camp Licensee" in the end will make it all so worthwhile.  Besides, this is all yummy stuff that I love, that makes me excited, and gets me hopping out of bed in the morning.  Up next in this department of my life...Yoga Teacher Training.  That I aim to pursue come Autumn...

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  1. Woooohoooo! How exciting, we are looking forward to having you in the CNE program, Meghan! See you in March :)


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