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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Om Shanti

This past weekend I had the fortunate pleasure of taking a breathe, and taking the trek up to paradise, by way of Kingston and Wolfe Island.  Shanti Retreat is a yogi's dream destination, right here in Ontario that evokes all the inspiration, love and blissful thoughts and experiences you might expect at the same type of community abroad.

My hosts, Wendy & Darin are a delight through and through, and after spending time studying in Thailand and elsewhere, living, breathing, and being yoga, the two decided to create this beautiful sanctuary along the St. Lawrence River and open their doors to people just like me. 
My "retreat" was a little different than most, as I was up there as part of my Culinary Nutrition Expert course (quick - there is still room to cook with Meghan Telpner for the fall semester!).  As part of the curriculum, we are required to complete a certain number of apprentice/co-op hours in a foodie environment, and I was lucky enough to land placement in Shanti's kitchen with veggie-cook superstar chef Robinette.   So off I went, to the tropics of Canada, to find peace, fabulous food, and unexpectedly, a deeper sense of me.

Here, my weekend in photos:



Upon reflection of my joyous time at Shanti, it is clear that I belong in the yoga community.  Later this week I will be signing the papers to enroll myself in a 250 hour Yoga Teacher Certification course that begins this fall.  With all the serendipitous events that have been unfolding in my world these days, I know this is the right path for me, and I know I will sometime soon reside again (perhaps much more long term) in the karma way...and really live the way my life was meant to be lived.


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  1. Great environment. I could enjoy myself there (if I didn't have to do the yoga! :)


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