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Saturday, June 9, 2012

A little reading...

A couple of weeks ago at work I got the wonderful opportunity to meet author Augustine Burroughs.  You might know the name as he was the mind behind the novel behind the great movie "Running with Scissors".  He has a new book out right now entitled...

This Is How: Help for the Self.  Proven Aid in Overcoming Shyness, Molestation, Fatness, Spinsterhood, Grief, Disease, Lushery, Decrepitude & More. For Young and Old Alike.

He was a gentle man to meet, his presence calming, even as he sported a citrus-orange leather jacket, even as his list of brilliant works and writings hovered over us, a daunting presence, as I brought him into the studio...

Here, a quote from the new novel that really spoke to me:

Love doesn't use a fist.  

Love never calls you fat or lazy or ugly.  
Love doesn't laugh at you in front of your friends...
Love does not maintain a list of your flaws and weaknesses.  
Love believes you.

Yes.  Truth. 

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  1. Excellent words. Everyone needs a reminder of these.


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