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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

An essay.

I decided a long time ago that I needed to create an alternate career in the wellness world.  As the following essay states, this idea has been rumbling deep inside of me for a long time, and I am taking yet another step towards my goal.  I am applying to be a student in Meg Telpner's "Culinary Nutrition Expert" course in the Spring of 2012.(  I was required to send in an essay explaining why I want to be a student of her craft, and how I planned on using my newfound nutritional knowledge.  I wanted to share it:
My Essay:
Why I want to be a Stellar Student of Meghan Telpner’s School of Culinary Nutrition
By: Meghan Pearson

Why do I want to be one of the very first students in Meghan Telpner’s “Culinary Nutrition Expert” course?  Well, I share the same name with her.  And I spell it with the proper “H” insertion as well.  That “H” is a rare thing, so I think this is just plain meant to be!  Not enough proof?  Okay, well here goes...

I have spent the last ten years working in the television industry here in Toronto, knowing deep down that my true passions lay elsewhere; in the kitchen, and at the yoga studio.   I have a very intimate relationship with food, having battled bulimia and anorexia for many years.  It is sad to recall how much I despised food back then, and now I savour every morsel I consume, and cook for others with love as often as possible.  I also found a gorgeous relationship with yoga while going through some very low times in my life, and together, proper nutrition and physical attention has really improved my entire universe exponentially. 

Once I really acknowledged that I was meant to work in the culinary and health worlds, I decided to take most of 2010 off from “the Biz”, and instead explored my options.  I took the Can Fit Pro Fitness instructor course in order to get a taste of what it would be like to teach group exercise, and also took a job as head office manager with the vegetarian restaurant chain “Fresh Restaurants”.  These were “it”.  I knew I wanted to further explore how I could flop my career, and decided to move towards a final career goal of wellness cook and yoga teacher.  Obviously in order to do this, I’d need proper certification, and to do that, I would need some cash.  So this is where I am today; working full time on a morning TV show in Toronto (that I LOVE!), making the money I need to take your course!
My hope is to develop a personal wellness business to help women like me source the balance they need in life, and feel good from the inside out.  Having battled and beat up on my own body for so many years, I know the importance of feeding your body and soul with all the best possible ingredients you can get your hands on.  I spend hours in the kitchen currently, cooking elaborate vegetarian meals for one, and never fail to plate a pretty pile of food for myself, even on the busiest of days.  I have an uncanny ability to store any food related factoids in my brain, and have a ridiculous culinary vocabulary that I suppose I developed during my many hours spent in front of the Food Network.  Now I don’t even have cable, but I do know that the television industry is a stressful one, and I hope to keep my connections in the field, and have already began to recruit potential clients to help get on the wellness wagon with me next year.  

I love food.  I love my food processor.  I love my knives, my cutting board, my mixing bowls.  I love thinking about the future and it including me being able to prepare and share my delicious knowledge gained from your course with the world.  Heck, I love the simple idea that I will have even a small sampling of Meg’s amazing knowledge in my repertoire.  I am ready to commit to this, and will be Meg’s mini-Meg supreme.  Top of class.
Thank you for reading, and hope to see you soon!
Meg Pearson

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  1. Good Luck Meghan. I am so happy that you are following your dream and when I return from my dream quest... I can't wait for a dinner invitation from you ;-)


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